Threlkeld Housing Association near Keswick

Threlkeld Housing Association is actually a small independent local trust, rather than a Registered Social Landlord, which owns a development of 14 homes. The homes were built in 1994 along with separate workshops on land donated by ARC Ltd. The local manager wanted to contribute something to the community due to the company ending local quarrying operations on the site. The company also provided a full time manager for one year to help the community set the scheme up and get it running. The properties are all shared ownership jointly owned by the occupants and the trust with the aim of providing permanent locally affordable homes. Six of the original purchasers are still resident, and there have been no repossessions. All the re-sales have gone through satisfactorily to people meeting the local occupancy requirements so that the scheme has been very successful. The Trust is aware that the share offered for sale has crept up and may have become too high to remain affordable to local people, and is therefore considering how the affordability might be improved for the future.

This project is part financed by the European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development: Europe Investing in Rural Areas with Defra as the Managing Authority.